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Will the Charger Daytona launch as a coupe?

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Is anybody else a bit surprised they made the new Charger a two-door?

I know, I know, the classic Charger was always a coupe, but Dodge already took the hit and rebranded it as a sedan, so I'm confused to see them go the other way. They could have called this the Challenger Daytona, or even just Daytona. Presumably, they're planning for a sedan at some point?

I also can't help but notice that the back half of the cabin is a lot more upright than it needs to be, and I wonder if they're planning to introduce this as a 4-door when the production version eventually arrives.

Anyone else want to join me out on this limb?
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In my mind's eye, the late 60'a Chargers had faster rooflines, but looking at this 1969 Charger Daytona, I guess I'm not so sure - maybe they have hewed pretty close to the original.

Maybe my speculation above was wrong, but I still want this wing!
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